A Preview of Our Stables In Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Only 15 Minutes from Nashville.

 Some Trail Pictures 

Our New "old" Barn.

We are really back in the country at the new stables, and we're blazing new trails everyday.

We gutted the barn and rebuilt the insides out of Cedar poles cut on the farm.


 This is also where we'll board overnighters when the need arises. We've reserved one large stall inside the barn,.


Primitive yet not so modern as to take away the feel.

Some shots taken on some old, old Tennessee countryside, just outside of Nashville.

We've discovered pre-civil war stone walls, caves, embankments and fortifications.

This wall is about 12' tall, covered with hundreds of years of moss, with a cave in the middle. Years of runoff have nearly closed it, but you can see that water still flows through it, underground to somewhere. But Where?

Old homesteads, some of which we believe, date back to pre civil war.

All that's left of this homestead is the stone cut chimney, and the outline of the foundation which was also made of stone. It appears to be an old one room cabin. The old well pipe to draw water is still there

There are some stone wall lined creeks, some as high as 6', fed by old, but still active fresh water springs that are lined with rocks, perfectly cut and placed by hand to insure their longevity.

Old, Old roads that start nowhere and end up nowhere. You find them by locating old wagon wheel ruts in the woods and fields and following them to see where they go.  

Some guests out for a ride, way, way back in the woods and fields.

Dennis, Jennifer and Darrin Gray from Hendersonville, TN.